Jinan Sinai casting and forging co. Ltd is a Chinese-Foreign joint venture, which specializes in the production of grinding steel ball for ball mill.
  The occupation of land area is more than 10000 square meters. There are 80 staff, 8 local technicians and 2 foreign technicians. The major production and inspection equipment includes pneumatic hammer, plasma cutting off machine, Luo type hardness meter, intermediate frequency electric stove etc.
        Staff are trained and selected by strict overseas technology. The quality of products is consistent and the specifications are complete. The annual output of diameter DIA15MM-DIA150MM grinding steel ball is 20000 tons.
        The quality of steel balls is very well regarded by their customers. 80% of our products are exported to Korea, Japan, South Africa, South East Asia, and Europe. Besides, large cement manufactures, fire power house mangers and mine owners have highly praised our products.
        Due to the application of internationally advanced technology and manufacture experience, our grinding steel balls have the advantages of rubbing endurance, crashing tolerance and roundness persistence, compared to other products in this field. We record the data for our products, follow up customers and drop in services at calling to solve customers’ uncertainties.

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